Understanding The Need To Simplify Ourselves In This Enigmatic Universe (A Life Ramble)

Author: josediccus


Sometimes we're damning ourselves to a life of enigma when all we really need is to showcase simplicity which makes us easier to understand, easier to read and easier to communicate non-verbally with. Our universe is already complicated with questions of how we came to be, why some things are and why some things aren't. One of the reasons why we have war is because humans have generally failed to simplify their lives thereby unfurling complications.
It's imperative for us to understand that we can never be able to read minds and the only way we can understand what our society and our fellow humans want is if we actually communicate this.
*In this video I talked about why people do not want to simplify their lives*. Individually, living an enigmatic and complex life can be difficult but people sometimes feel that by living a simple life, they're leaving their guards down and this leaves them weak and open for exploitations.