The Issues You Can Encounter As A Creative Person; Any Way Out?

Author: josediccus


It is always very difficult to manage creativity this is because the mind is always working on a different level. In a moment a person might be full of ideas and in the next moment they are blank and left with no ideas. This can be caused by things like stress, being too engaged in other life activities and sometimes not taking advantage of moments when one is at their biggest capacity of creativeness.

In this video I talk about how creative people sometimes thanks to be slow not fully adjusted to the society finding it difficult to think on a same plane as people around them, or thinking in a much more diverse dimension which can tamper with their social lives and relativity with themselves and their environment.

some people battle creative block by trying to get themselves busy instead of untangling themselves and in the process of trying to force the mind to create people become more blank and hence continue to lose out of ideas rather than recharge and become better.

In this video I talk about the challenges that creative people go through despite being the brightest minds, I talked about how I cope with my creative aura and how I go through the frustration of not being able to create even when I badly want to.