Becoming Poorer Through Massive Corperate Expansion: The Real Money Victims In Nigeria Businesses (Dtube Version)

Author: josediccus


A lot of people do not have more than one means of income and one of the most ignored reason for this is that private business do not allow their employees have time time to have other jobs despite the fact that they're not even paying enough to placate the needs of their employees.

Most entities even go ahead to threaten their workers with the sack, slash their salaries without any consideration especially if they want to expand their businesses.

In other words people are becoming work slaves simply because of the unemployment rate. Some people worked in multi billion naira firm and when they eventually retire or are laid off, they don't even have enough savings to start up their businesses.

In Nigeria, corporate entities are the real reasons why people are in poverty
They do not have plans to help their employees become established even they eventually lay them off.

In this video I talk about how employees bears the consequence of any finacial mishap experienced by a firm and how this makes it difficult to become their own people even after working in places that makes billions of naira.