Diverse Technologies & Their Impact: Why Governments Of Different Countries Must Make Plausible Decisions

Author: josediccus


I did this video before the ban on Crypto trading in Nigeria and it turns out everything I said is is 100% correct. Techs such as Crypto scares different government in some places of the world because they can't tax it, control it or benefit from it without being part of it. The tech behind Crypto creates wealth, most government doesn't have problem with printing money out of thin air but they have problem with Crypto creating wealth with ease.
In this video I talked about how technology should make life easier but this is actually different in a place like Nigeria. Techs that makes life easy is often frowned upon. The world is getting digitised and even things like buying and selling is done without physical contact. People are creating psuedo-anonymous entities and moving with technologies as it but this isn't the case in Nigeria.
In Nigeria things like getting an education can be so stressful it can kill you. Things like voting can be so dangerous, you can die from the process.
I talk about how smartness and ease isn't laziness, it's the next revolution of where we're heading to as human race.
For example in a pandemic like Covid-19, I spoke about how we need people to do things without being physically present and how this can prevent further damage to the human race.
Techs like crypto are here to stay and no matter how entities in the 21st centuries fight it, it will thrive with time. I talk about how so many government needs to do their research and find out ways through which new techs can be of help to them.