The Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wear Your Essence As A Person In Your Visible Life Style

Author: josediccus


At every now and then people are often pressured or obliged to convey in a simpler term the numerous intricacies about their lives. **For example someone who's single will need to wear their singularity in the way they dress or talk or even relate to people** simply because the society or the environment we find ourselves knows us by what they notice and not what they know by making endeavours to know.
In essence I think this generation is flawed and **people no longer make time for what matters anymore.**
It's often uncool for someone to know a person by how they dress or how they talk. **I don't feel people are a correct depiction of the context they embody** and that's why individually each and every person we meet and need to know should be like a discovery for us. Don't assume everything about people simple by looking at the thrifty information they embody in their personality. In this video I talk about it all.