The Recklessness That Comes With Being Young & Unaware.

Author: josediccus


A lot of young people wants to experience life in the first person's point of view and not in the third person. This is because they want to *feel*. Danger to them is only an adventure, warnings are only a hinderance or a blockage to their curiousity.

This is shy most young people do not learn from themselves. **Curiousity can be a bane**. When you look at the internet; the social media and the likes you'll discover how young people go, the extent to which they want to express; their sexuality, curiousity and even show a carefree form of freedom.

Many people live in regrets of their youthful selves; the languages they uttered the wrong manner of approach which they've expressed fun and pleasure and how its coming back to haunt or bite them back.

In this video I talk about how young people should learn inasmuch as they don't to, i talk about how the study of trend and things will eventually help them in this quest to be better and mindful of the future.