The Limitations That Comes With Being Exposed To The Wrong Condition; How To Cope With This?

Author: josediccus


So many people are born into the wrong conditioning but the diverse level of adaptability in different people is why this state often define the lives of people and why it rarely defines others.
Sometimes it feels fair to be a snow man in a hot region, a swordman in a gun's battle, a brilliant mind in a battle of brawn and so many others.
There are times in our lives where we discover how unfitting our sorroundings is for us but to move away would be totally erase our default setting.

Our inabilities sometimes feels like disabilities because we feel we haven't been totally equipped to fight the battles we're facing.
One thing we should understand is that while having a position mindset we shouldn't forget the real state of reality and how it can change us.
Most people in life are fighters while others already had their wars fought for even and many others don't even have wars and at the end we're all presented with the same opportunity irrespective of how unfair it seems.
In this video I talk about why we need to accept our reality and learn how to live past our inabilities rather than dwell in the mire of things we haven't been given that seemed really harsh. Living with utmost satisfaction is key.