Individualising Your Source Of Knowledge; A Steps Towards Staying Relevant Through Time. (Dtube Version)

Author: josediccus


Knowledge becomes extinct if not upgraded. In the past books weren't smart ways of retaining knowledge this is because it could be destroyed, nowadays digitisation and the evolution of the internet makes knowledge possible at the finger tips but even as at that a lot of people underrates the knowledge the internet provides, the find it rather easier to source for Knowledge via face-to-face format.

The problem is that information passed face-to-face is often added to and removed from and. This makes it imperative for people to understand that and information might be cogent today and also extinct or redundant tomorrow and that is why they must deem it necessary to get information from its original source.

In this video I speak about how people in my society underrate the internet and how it can teach people skills about virtually anything they want to do.

I talk about cryptocurrency and blockchain and how informations and knowledge concerning it takes people years to master and totally understand as it is a gradual process that evolves.

when learning about the evolution of technology and a sophisticated tech like blockchain it needs people to be individualized when it comes to it's learning process so as to learn on their own terms.