Doubting The Things We Passionately Believe In (A Life Ramble)

Author: josediccus


Sometimes we find ourselves doubting some of the things we generally believe in and this includes parts of the things that forms our core personalities and identities as well. However this seems really ironical since we should place faith in the things we choose to believe in. However we're humans and the gift of discernment is what makes *our flexibility to change choices* always evident in our lifetime endeavours.
In reality doubting the things we believe in, is really good this is because our perspective isn't always correct in a universal measurement despite it making sense in our own prerogative that's why we sometimes decided to change, be something different from what we're generally known for. In this video I talk about it all.

### (Don't engage based on what you've read alone as this is just the tip of the iceberg, the video will eventually enlighten you more.)