Content & Rewards; What Motivates People To Establishing On Centralised/Rewardless Medias? (Dtube Version)

Author: josediccus

Description: Every human is a born content creator and the reason why it often seem otherwise is because people who are established in centralised medias often slide in seamlessly to communicate, interact view videos with ads, add their opinion, their assertion and even create posts themselves which sometimes goes viral. On Facebook and tik tok you have challenges like the silhouette challenge, you have people creating videos using their resources to go viral for just some thousands **likes** while never really having the true value for the contribution they're adding.
Facebook and other platforms have people who are aspiring make-up artists, singers and poet placing ads to get their creative work seen. Truth is they're only hoping people notice them, they don't have the mindset that they deserve something for their contribution and this is how medias as Facebook become unwittingly wealth at the expense of people. .
In this video I talk about how people find it difficult to create in places like Facebook but find it unnecessary to create to earn and have something for their voice.
I talk about how platforms like leofinance plans to integrated microblogging and crypto the ultimate sophistication media that allows people create and earn crypto.