Living In & Outside Of Nigeria: The Divide On Social Media (Dtube)

Author: josediccus


Its been a constant topic of debate that Nigeria is arguably the most inflated country in the world and I believe when it comes to cost push inflation this might be rather true.

There's a mass migration of people with marketable skills from Nigeria to favourable countries with better economies and all these is mostly because the Nigerian naira (₦) is in a deep state of mess and far away from value.
This mean in Nigeria people do more and earn less, while they can offer even lesser and earn more outside Nigeria. But then there's been argument that the conditions to make money outside Nigeria is quite stern; the change in weather conditions, the harsh immigration and the difficulties in settling down.

However in this video, I talk about why staying in Nigeria or staying outside Nigeria can have it's merits and demerits by all means especially financially.
I talked about what's the topmost priority and why priority determine our choices eventually.