A "Paid For Everything Future" Making Money Beyond The Means Of Time.

Author: josediccus


In this present that we are people are not fully paid for the services they offer especially by big, private coperate entities. when you look at some of the big companies that are currently present in the world you will see that most of the innovations that they are currently making millions from were brought by people who they have sacked or let off years ago.

The reason why people sometimes end up poor even after working in multi billion dollar entities is that they give off all their effort, all their creativity and all their abilities, leaving them totally depleted when they're sacked or retired. I don't know about private entities around the world but in Africa people are easily sacked with no reason especially if the companies hold too much decision making power, this is why I believe there should be check and balance to this economic totalitarianism.

In the future people should be able to sign contracts that would enable them to earn salaries beyond the means of time, provided the innovations they have brought to an organization which they're no longer working in, especially if these innovations are still profitable and raking in dividends into these organisations.