How Easier Has It Become To Make Money Online Nowadays? (Dtube)

Author: josediccus


Nowadays people don't need to move a muscle to make money and these has been influence with how th internet has evolved overtime, but then how does this Influence the timeline of establishing, building, growing an organic venture that can yield dividens?
Nowadays you see *get rich quick* schemes in advert placements like YouTube and this has made people legitimately lost money more than they have made it.

In this video, I talk about how scammy the internet has become in a bid to advertise quick wealth to people

I also talk about why these schemes are the reasons why people no longer want to make money online through the legitimate ways.
I talked about how this might eventually halt people's quest for building their goals bit by bit.
The internet is filled with erroneous ads and companies just wants to serve any ads provided they're paid for it.