Appreciating Diversity And Creating A Personal "Likeness" For Variety In A Segregated Human Society (Dtube Version)

Author: josediccus

Description: A lot of people wake up every day to be exposed to nagging bosses, toxic neighbors, poor paying salaries, people who do not show pure human emotions to others people's problems. In the world where people value money more than their friends and family.

People still crave the validation of their families and the society at large to feel complete. They want others to see how beautiful their soul is in a world where beauty is only seen in outward appearances.

A lot of people wake up depressed due to the opinion and views of others about them and this creates a certain kind of inferiority complex.

The world in general is filled with variety instead, there's no spice to these uniqueness and difference, people want to comform to a norm because it feels humane rather than good for them.

In this video I talk about how and why people should create their space, find their own love , see goodness in their imperfections and discover how to find validation in their own personal assertions of themselves