The Underwhelming Change That Makes People Push Their Loved Ones Away (A Life Ramble)

Author: josediccus


In life, when people closest to us goes under, goes through hurdles or challenges our immediate reaction is to understand the nibbling situation which will immediately influence our actions towards trying to help them. But sometimes people who we want to help to help so much are the ones pushing is away, holding back information and the more we try to meddle, understand the issue they push us backward and in this Stage it's only our personal resolve or love for them that makes us hold on a still.
**In this video I talk about why sometimes people try to go through the most difficult period of their lives alone without trying to seek for help** or whatsoever and the things we need to understand in these people's most trying times.

#### (Don't engage based on what you've read alone as this is just the tip of the iceberg, the video will eventually enlighten you more.)