Finding Who We Really Are In Our Own Complex Universe

Author: josediccus

Description: Sometimes we attach *"too less"* or *"too high"* to the essense of life, we allow our curiousity to make us seekers and the quest to know too much often deadens the purpose of existence.

In the video I talk about how we as a human specie despite being the most unique creation on the universe doesn't mean much; we don't influence the universe because we only know what we know about it and still lamguish in ignorance about the things we don't know but does this matter? Absolutely nothing.

The universe doesn't revolve around us, but our whole essense is built on it and trying hard to test the limit of our capabilities often ends up consequential.

In a liberal sense in this video I aimed at talking about why our lives needs uttermost simplicity rather than complexities. Every of our curiousity and achievements ends the moment we're dead and every of our rat race matters no more.

I talked about the essence of understand that our strength can also pass for our weaknesses and we should do well to recognise this when we're making decisions in various life's situations.