How "Definitive" Is The Human Race With With Concept Of Freedom?

Author: josediccus


In the past many people we're limited as a result of their race, colour or gender but nowadays, taking a look at the present, people have become more expressive of themselves, expressing diverse sexuality, coming out gay, seeing a sense of superiority in their race, expressing freedom in manners that never happened about 200 years ago. Nowadays we cannot explain how hungry humanity is for freedom, they want to takeover their essence, be in charge of their future and even live forever.
Nevertheless there's a limitation to how free we can be this is because we can't control who we're born to, how we're born and to whom we're born to. Freedom is limited by the imagination of our mind and to a particular aspect we can only be free to a particular extent.
In life, it's important for us to note that the present we live in is great, the future will even be better for the concept of freedom but then being totally expressive or seeking for unwarranted freedom might be the end of us in this video I talk about it all.