Foreign & Local Companies Generally Prevents People From Owning Their Own Businesses (dtube Version)

Author: josediccus

Description: Having more entrepreneurs in a country means "less unemployment" and more employment opportunities. Having more companies and less entrepreneurs means these huge companies will control the economy. Nevertheless in a place like Nigeria, the sky is not big enough.

Because we have limited consumers companies tries to kill competition by making sure their employes never leave their companies to start up their own business.

The do this by pay them what they do not deserve. They do this by keeping them in the dark rather than exposing them to the company's secret to success

Companies tend to make startup business go through stiff competition by cementing their brand through advertising and making sure entrepreneurs don't last as a result of low patronage.

In other words, people needs to come out to establish themselves as dogged entrepreneurs and challenge established companies with the money and fire power. While people are running away from entrepreneurship big entities are controlling the economy and taking the whole profits without empowering people to be their own man.