The Problem Of Ghost Working In Africa And How It Affects The Nigerian Economy. (Dtube Version)

Author: josediccus

Description: Ghost working is a situation where offices are created in diverse sector for unreal and unavailable people with real identities getting paid for absolutely doing nothing in the diverse sector in African countries especially Nigerian public government sector.
The public service is a place where you have diverse forms of ghost working which I explained in this video but then the one that's more rampant amongst public workers is getting paid for doing nothing. I explain how this dubious phenomenon affects the citizens who pays heavily for services monopolized by the government and yet they're not fully serviced because of lack of physical presentation of workers to dispense their duties and work for the money they earn.
In Nigeria, wrong attitude to work is another form of ghost working which I discuss it's effect on the economy.
I discuss about how ghost working is present in the grassroot level of governance and how it cripples the financial system. It sorts of makes it impossible to spread wealth in an order where the people who are deserved of this wealth will benefit from them.
I discuss about the lack not accountability and the measure to be taken to end ghost working in Nigeria.