Is The Bond Of Family Greater Than Any Limitations A Person Can Exceeded For A Loved One?

Author: josediccus


There are times one's families have gone on to become strangers to them and their existence. On the other hand they form stronger bond with people, strangers, who's become friends and then later family. This isn't strange or unfamiliar because it's a occurrence that's synonymous with people, however there's always a limitation to how far a bond without blood can go.
Infact there's no limits to any form or length of sacrifice expecially to someone who we share the bond of blood with and it's often ironical considering the fact the people who are our families might mean nothing to us yet we're often obliged to give them everything even if they don't deserve it. Why is this?
Truth is, that's blood sometimes we can't question the limitation of blood bond but we can actually question the limitation that might want to sprout from a bond that's sired by blood. *In this video I talk about it all and many more*