The Incredible Dilemma Of Giving In To The Effect Of Pain Or Letting Go (dtube)

Author: josediccus


Humans are naturally understanding of their nature; the natural of predicting the consequences to their action, seeing the ills to the good in their action end being permutative of the actions of their fellow humans. We as humans can be complicated, we tend to see the good, the bad and the ugly within ourselves and this sometimes makes us dilemmic of whether to be good people or not.

This is to say that their might be consequences to us being good to people but then we still go ahead to be good to our fellow humans irrespective of the fact that they might not reciprocated, be thankful, be grateful or be essentially there when we need them the most.

When sometimes go through the pain of knowing people's actions will be detrimental to our goodwill and this is why we often chose to still act irrationally, we chose to sometimes be vengeful because we want to let people feel what they have let us feel at the end of the day this is always a dilemma, letting people go, cutting them a slack and of course seeing the flaws in them.

In this video I talk about the dilemma we face everyday when we eschew goodness to people at the expense of their unappreciation.