How One's Expressiveness Is Being Undermined By Uncaring People; How Can You Cope?

Author: josediccus


In life sometimes people pay good with bad and pay bad with good this is because people are expressive of their dominion and choose the course of their reaction irrespective of whether other people has been good to them or not. In life people take our benevolence for granted especially when it's freely given to them.

This is to say that it's not compulsory that loyalty is earned through an act of kindness, loyalty is often earned by choice and an act of love or kindness sometimes isn't enough to earn it.

Our conscience often determines who we're loyal to and this is the harsh nature of man.
In this Video, I talk about why it's imperative for us to allow people to see how much we are loyal to them because when we're being too expressive people see this as weakness and hence exploit this to the fullest.

Irrespective of our feelings it's important we allow people key into these feelings too and share them.