Tapping Into Your Fragility; The Danger Of Seeking Excessive Materialism? (Dtube)

Author: josediccus


We needed to realise our limitations in life, the biggest mistake a person can ever make is thinking they do not have a limit. Our mind might seem to be unlimited in its abilities but the truth is that our body has limits, we sometimes imagine things we cannot physically attain else this might only compromise our wellness.

In reality we are always under pressure to have everything good that life can offer because of its competitive nature, we create more reasons for us to run and less reasons to rest.

Materialism is always a motivation but then if we don't find a stability between what happens without and what happens within it'll be difficult to maintain physical wellness.
In this video I talk about why our number one priority should be maintaining sanity and staying alive, cultivating contentment and satisfaction.

We need to kill the need to be in a haste inasmuch as we need to listen to our inituition. Its also important we listen to our bodies.