The Sad Truth About Covid-19 And Why 2021 Wouldn't Be A Relief Experience

Author: josediccus


A whole lot of people are expecting 2021 to immediately become the salvage or saving grace for the chaos and destruction brought about by 2020 and covid-19. Well this isn't really how reality works. Human actions are responsible for the pain and penury caused by the year 2020.
Human actions comes with repercussions as something as Covid-19 is engineered and caused by man made mistakes hence the consequences would have to come irrespective of how sorry or how differently we will do things in 2021.

We individually need to start cultivating realistic optimism because a different timeline changing will not automatically take away the problems that's brought about by problematic situations of the old timeline.

The way it is, we might keep seeing the consequences of Covid-19 on the economy in five or ten years to come all over the world. This wouldn't be because we wouldn't have done things right in the years to come but because no matter how we change, we must face the consequences of our actions and this is how we learn.