Neapolitan Foodie Vlog | 10 dishes and desserts I enjoyed in Napoli, Italy

Author: joythewanderer

Description: This vlog is about food in Napoli. As it was done spontaneously while I sat in a café waiting for my coffee to get ready, I’ve missed some of the dishes I tried and liked in Napoli, such as those tasty vegetable side dishes etc.

All I want to tell you is I love the food in Napoli and feel free to subscribe and follow me (I’ll bring much more such vlogs!) if you find this vlog helpful. I appreciate your support.

0:00 intro (at a cafe in Ischia Island)
0:52 Neapolitan Pizza
1:25 Pizza a Portafoglio
2:14 Pizza Fritta
2:48 Pastas (Pescatore, Genovese)
3:46 Chopshop Grill Restaurant
4:26 Sfogliatella
6:02 Seafood (UberEats at Airbnb)
8:10 Caffè d’orzo
9:44 Gelato & Babà
10:35 Granita