Clean Planet Trash pick up Episode 3

Author: kchheap111

Description: Please visit the following web sites for more information on how to get rewarded and paid in cryptocurrency by doing good deeds and cleaning the planet! or @cleanplanet

If you are part of SEEDS community, watching this you can donate seeds to me, my seeds name is KCFROCKTS211 . I would appreciate any amount of seeds but would love to see 100+ seed donations ! during the time of the crowdfunding May 3rd to August 3rd I will donate 50% if I get 100+ seed donation to the crowdfund to help reward others.

The session in this video lasted approximately 10 mins but I shortened the video by speeding it up. I seem to find a lot of garbage in the ditches near my home. But over time As my personal time permits I plan to travel further away gradually for each session. I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching and thank you for any donation.

you can also donate coin by visiting this link!/c/kchheap111