Auditing Basics: What are Control Objectives?

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Throughout the audit process, you’re likely to hear the term “control objective” repeatedly. Why? Because control objectives are statements that address how risk is going to be effectively managed by an organization, and your auditor will be validating whether or not your organization meets these control objectives during the audit.
During the scoping phase of the audit, you will narrow down a scope for your audit with your auditor and chose around 10-30 control objectives that will be included in the audit. Determining the best control objectives for your organization is crucial for ensuring that you get the most out of your audit, which is why organizations need to partner with senior-level expert Information Security Specialists, like those at KirkpatrickPrice, who can assist in writing the control objectives and make sure that they’re presented reasonably, because they
When going through an audit, control objectives encourage organizations to ensure that their security posture is -- and remains -- strong. For example, if one of the control objectives your organization includes in your audit was, “Our controls provide reasonable assurance that we restrict unauthorized access to our critical systems,” then you would need to implement controls to ensure that this objective was met. To validate this control objective, your auditor might verify that you have controls in place such as locked doors, badges, monitoring systems, and logical access controls because those controls all restrict unauthorized access to critical systems.
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