PCI Requirement 10.4.1 – Critical Systems Have the Correct and Consistent Time

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PCI Requirement 10.4.1 requires that critical systems have the correct and consistent time so that chronological events can be recreated. Without proper and consistent synchronization, it’s almost impossible to compare logs to systems and determine an exact sequence of events. Compliance with PCI Requirement 10.4.1 is crucial during incident response.
There are several testing procedures to verify compliance with PCI Requirement 10.4.1. The PCI DSS states that assessors should observe the process for acquiring, distributing, and storing the correct time within an organization and observe the time-related system-parameter settings for a sample of system components to verify that: only the designated central time servers receive time signals from external sources, and time signals from external sources are based on International Atomic Time or UTC, where there is more than one designated time server, the time servers work with one another to keep accurate time, and systems receive time information only from designated central time servers. An assessor will follow these testing procedures and observe time management systems to ensure that critical systems have the correct and consistent time.
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