Splinterlands Journey #5 | Completing my Daily Quest Minutes Before Season Ends

Author: knowhow92

Description: Yo, what's up my friends?

It was a nice day today at Splinterlands. I wanted to complete my Daily Quest before Season ends causeI wanted to get more rewards. After season ends, you are placed in a much lower division and that means much lower Daily Wuest rewards. It was a race vs time but I made it.

Todays quest was "Stubborn Mercenaries". I had to win 3 Ranked battles without using Neutral monsters and that's what I did. I won 3/5 games I played (not bad) and claimed my daily quest rewards 10 minutes before this season ends lol.
Made it in time.
Enjoy the gameplay.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot. If you want to watch more gaming videos, check out my Dtube channel.
Much love to everyone and #Steem on

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