SkateHive Vlog on a Sunny Saturday

Author: knowhow92

Description: Yo, what's up everyone?

Me and the homies skated the #skatepark yesterday.
I haven't enjoyed such a nice session for some time now! The sun was shining, my homies were hyped and we were finally skating the skatepark after 1 and a half month.
Just perfect!

The only spot I've been skating the past 1 and a half month is a manual pad and a short ledge so I tried getting my tricks back at the rail and at the pyramid!
Enjoy our #fTR_Crew session


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Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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##### Much love and SKATEFORHIVE


##### Music : Wu Tang Clan Type Beat - Crisis Combat [Prod. Fresco]
*I do now own the music. All rights belong to the original creator*


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