Skateboarding Session after a LONG time

Author: knowhow92

Description: It's been more than a week since I last skated guys and damn it felt f*cking awesome!

I broke my board 10 days ago and since courier services in Greece are in a TOTAL black out I waited for 10 days for my new board to arrive! Shiiiiiiit!

Me and my homie @alex-chris95 decided to skate the most iconic and beautiful spot in #SKG, the statue of "Alexander the Great", and it was a solid choise! Sun, sea and people walking and exercising all around us! Perfect vibes if you ask me!

I didn't focus on filming, I just wanted to skate but I did film a couple of warm up flatground tricks for all of you! I'll be back with a proper #skatehive vlog the next few days so stay tuned. For now...

Enjoy my clips

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