Lifeless Planet Gameplay (Premier Edition)

Author: knowhow92

Description: Lifeless Planet was free on #EpicGames a couple of months ago so I didn't miss the chance to add this hot space-survival/puzzle/horror game to my Library.

About #LifelessPlanet

The #game follows an astronaut on a trip to another planet that is thought to be filled with lifeforms. The mission is a failure as the ship is lost in the crash, both of the other crew members are killed, and the planet turns out to be an enormous wasteland seemingly completely devoid of life; however, among the vast emptiness is a derelict Soviet Union science outpost constructed on the planet.
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I wanted to play this game for so long and I finally found some free time to download it and give it a go.

I played for 40 minutes and my first impression was really good. Great graphics, solid sound, easy to control your character and what a story...

It's one of those addicting game in which you wanna find out what happens next so you can't stop playing but enough typing.

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