The A-Z of C64 Games Book review

Author: lynxgod77

Description: A movie-length review of a series of books called "The A-Z of C64 Games" by Kieren Hawken, aka Kizza aka Retro Laird aka the Laird of Forsyth. This is without doubt the angriest, most in depth book review ever!

Full contents:

0:00:21 Intro
0:05:03 Arkanoid
0:07:58 Bomb Jack
0:09:40 Bubble Bobble
0:12:09 Cabal
0:14:40 Double Dragon
0:17:10 Empire Strikes Back
0:21:01 Enduro Racer
0:24:55 Hard Drivin'
0:28:02 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
0:30:41 Joe Blade
0:31:54 Klax
0:33:53 LED Storm
0:36:13 Lemmings
0:38:04 Milk Race
0:39:07 Ms Pacman
0:39:52 Ninja
0:41:50 Operation Wolf
0:43:24 Question of Sport
0:45:13 Quick Draw McGraw
0:47:51 River Raid
0:51:32 Road Blasters
0:54:24 Shadow Warriors
0:57:26 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
0:57:53 Thrust
1:00:36 Thunder Blade
1:05:28 Untouchables
1:07:16 Uridium
1:09:45 Victory Road
1:11:39 World Games
1:13:05 Yogi's Great Escape
1:14:53 Zenji
1:15:59 Final thoughts

A huge "thank you" to everyone that sent evidence, screenshots, emails, messages, images, video clips and other content for this book review. This video couldn't have been made without you all!

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