Unity in Diversity (2019) - Documentarymovie [EN]

Author: macherstube

Description: Original title: Einheit in der Vielfalt | Unity in Diversity | Bhineka Tunggal Ika
Language: OV
Subtitles: EN, DE
Production: Verein Macherstube, https://www.macherstube.ch
More Information: https://www.unityindiversity.ch

One country, 700 ethnic groups, 17000 islands and 265 million people – Indonesia is a country of diversity. That’s how people want to express their cultures. How can a peaceful living together in this diversity succeed? What are the challenges and how do local people think about it?

«Einheit in der Vielfalt» (Unity in Diversity) gives insight into how people live in a surrounding where traditional culture and modernity meet. A special focus is on how Indonesians deal with the different religious affiliations. In Indonesia, more than 80% of people belong to Islam. Accepted minorities are Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. These as well as other minorities are unequally treated against the majority population. Conflicts are the result.

The film documents a journey under the guidance of the specialized office for Worldwide Church of the Cantonal Church of St. Gallen to selected projects and educational institutions in Java and Kalimantan. They are characterized by the fact that they maintain contacts to the relief organization Mission 21 from Basel (CH). They are also supported by Mission 21. In addition to local teachers and pastors, students have their say. They engage in projects on interreligious dialogue. They are convinced that this is the only way to create a just, peaceful and considerate society.


Einheit in der Vielfalt (Unity in Diversity) by Verein Macherstube is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License..
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