The Controlled Demolition of the U.K. Economy Continues.

Author: maneco64

Description: #economy #lockdown #chancellor #stimulus #deficit #debt #bankofengland #monetarypolicy #inflation #unemployment #recession #wef2021 #thegreatreset #fourthindustrialrevolution #economiccollapse

Today I will go over what the U.K. government has in store for the economy going forward and how their policies might seem short-sighted and not help but are actually part of a much greater plan by the Powers that Be to transform the way the economy works.

My conclusion is that none of what has been happening to the economy here or in other parts of the Western world is by accident but by design.

Transport Secretary Shapps on masks:

The Origins of the World Economic Forum:

Face Masks: Ending the Confusion (Dr Vernon Coleman):

And You Thought Visiting the Dentist Was Bad Beforeā€¦ Carl Vernon:

Peerless reads by Andrew Mather:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond:


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