The Fuse Has Been Lit for Fiat Currency Collapse.

Author: maneco64

Description: #hyperinflation #crackupboom #mises #inflation #creditboom #money #soundmoney #goldstandard #fiatcurrency #debt #gold #austrianschool #steemleo

Today I look at Human Action by Ludwig von Mises to help us see where we are down the road of inevitable fiat currency or the inflationary collapse.

The most interesting point, in my opinion, that von Mises makes about the crack-up boom or katastrophenhausse is that it is a psychologically triggered event as the general public finally wakes up to the realisation that government and monetary authorities will never stop inflating the money and credit system.

The end result of this is that the public's demand for the fiat money or currency collapses and they try to get rid of it for anything real at any cost.


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