The New World Order and the Vatican Officially Tie the Knot.

Author: maneco64

Description: #globalists #NWO #vatican #pope #centralbanks #vaticanbank #federalreserve #WEF #jesuits #capitalism #inclusivecapitalism

Today we will look at the recent get together of the most influential business and religious leaders at the Vatican. They announced a partnership to help make capitalism inclusive.

This channel has been covering the shady dealings between globalist institutions like the Federal Reserve for quite a few years so it is not surprising to see this coming out of the head of the Catholic Church and the people at the top of the New World Order agenda.

The conclusion is that any goals these people publicly announce to have will be 180 degrees opposed to their real intentions for humanity.

Inclusive Capitalism:

Council for Inclusive Capitalism:

The Cashless Society, the New World Order, and the Vatican Bank.:


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