Explosive M1 Growth Pointing to the Denouement of the Post-1971 Inflation.

Author: maneco64

Description: #inflation #government #centralbanking #QE #fiatcurrency #dollar #weimar #hyperinflation #debt #debasement #default #federalreserve

Today we will look at how M1 money supply has jumped by close to $500 billion according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis latest data.

Many, of course, are still under the impression that there is no inflation and that the biggest danger is inflation.

We will reference Felix Somary's memoirs today entitled The Raven of Zurich in order to try and explain to the viewer what is really happening and why inflation usually only rears its ugly head when it's too late.

The Raven of Zurich, free pdf: https://www.docdroid.net/wqlhhGn/the-raven-of-zurich-the-memoirs-of-felix-somary-compressed-pdf


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