The IMF Warns the World About the Money Spigot.

Author: maneco64

Description: #markets #gold #silver #economics #stimulus #deficit #IMF #monetarypolicy #inflation #dollar #fiat currency #federalreserve

With so many distractions out there like politics and the health crisis of 2020 it is difficult to keep track about things like the economic or monetary policy that is being pushed by the powers that be.

Well, the IMF or the International Monetary Funds seems to be hiding the push for massive fiat currency or credit out of thin air right in plain sight as seen by the cover of their website.

We will look at how the IMF is working closely with government and central banking officials and what it will be for the purchasing power of the dollar and all other national currencies.

We will also be conducting our usual Sunday Q & A session during this live stream.


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