The 2020 Economic Collapse Had Been Brewing for Over Fifty Years.

Author: maneco64

Description: #debt #gdp #deficts #government #centralbanking #QE #inflation #brettonwoods #nixonshock #fiatcurrency #economy #growth #stimulus #keynesianism

Today we will dig deep into the major economies of the world and look at how half a century of increasing government spending and debt has crowded out the private sector.

Ever since 1971 when President Nixon lifted the gold anchor form the monetary and financial system governments and bankers have taken the system down the unsustainable road of never-ending debt.

In our opinion, the current crisis in 2020 was triggered also not by the current health crisis bu the repo crisis of September 2019. The Health crisis has given governments and bankers the cover to try and bail out a system that is on its last legs.

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