World Economic Forum Setting Economic, Political and Social Agenda.

Author: maneco64

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Today's live stream will look at the World Economic Forum and how they are one of the major powers behind the scenes and how they are taking advantage of the current crisis to implement their transnational or globalist agenda.

We will look at the origin of this organisation that started out in the early 1970s as the European Management Forum and then morphed into the World Economic Forum. We will see that many of the people involved in this organisation are the same kind of people who attend Bilderberg meetings and also the annual Davos Summit organised by the WEF.

It is through these private meetings that major corporate leaders, political leaders, academic leaders and media leaders from the Western world set not only economic but also political and even social agenda. Is it any wonder that all the major countries of the West have reacted in a similar fashion to the current crisis?

We will also be conducting our usual Q & A during the live stream.

The Origins of the World Economic Forum:


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