Is 2020 the Fiat Currency System's Last Hurrah?

Author: maneco64

Description: #centralbanking #endthefed #federalreserve #ecb #qe #currencydebasement #weimar #reservecurrency #moneysupply #inflation #steemleo

With Central Bankers worldwide determine to create endless fiat currency reserves in order to stave off a collapse of our debt-based monetary system we think it is very important that we look at the high probability that by doing so the people in charge at the Fed, ECB, BoE et al. could actually deliver a fatal blow to a system that has been in place since August 15, 1971.

So in today's live stream we will look into the above-mentioned question and look at the short term and long term consequences of such an event.

We will also be doing our usual Q & A.

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