Skatevlog #15! Street Skating, trying to film lines!

Author: mark0318

Description: Good day everyone!

Another skatevlog for you guys out there! Today me and Tj skated the corniche ledges. We tried to get some lines and we really had a great time. It is only a few clips because we were skating so much and did not had the time to film tricks. We skated from 2:30pm up to 7pm, it is the longest session I had in years and my plans to skate the next morning was cancelled. I could not get up as my body was so tired! I hope you guys enjoy this short vlog. Thanks!!

I put together the song on the garage band app.

I hope you enjoy this little vlog. thanks for watching!

All clips are mine, I filmed this vlog on my GoProHero6, and TJ’s GoPro7. I edited it on the Videoleap App


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