Having fun at the skatepark!

Author: mark0318

Description: Good day Steemskaters!

This is me once again skating the local park in abu dhabi city. TJ was with me but he is not in the mood to do lines and film it. He just had one solid line at the end. He filmed me and we had a great time.
I tried to film tricks every day off but the time is just not enough. Even the iSolar guys could not come today because of work and family stuff. I am just grateful that I was able to skate today and film tricks. I had a lot of slams on the rail, but I just kept going knowing that I would only be able to skate again next weekend! So here is my video, and all tricks are only me... haha.


P.S. I need to learn a new trick on that rail, the 5050 is kinda getting old hahahah! PEACE!!

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