Re- Learning the 50-50 grind! / Skatevlog Entry #4.1

Author: mark0318

Description: Good day Everybody!

I wanted to get back in flatbar skating so today in this video, I re-learn the 50-50 grind so that I may have the confidence to try the other advance tricks like smith and front lip. I have not done this trick on the flatbar for some time, I think the last time I did this was almost 6 months ago. This is the typical me when skating, I focus on one thing and I eventually forget how to do the other tricks and how the other trick works.

Also, I tried to make an intro this time showing what’s inside my back pack. The skate park is a 20 minute walk from where I live so before I go out I pack what I need. I filmed this trick after finishing the #gameofsteemskate week 4: 360 flip (link below). I was supposed to do the bonus challenge but I just faced the fact that my 360 flips are a once in a blue moon catch type of thing. Hahaha. So I just settled for a nice session and re-learned this 50-50 grind.

Here is my video and thank you for your time and thanks for watching!


**The background music is put together by myself on the apple garage band app. I have been experimenting on some loops and drum beats on that app and it is quite enjoyable. Filmed on a GoProHero6 and I edited this #vlog myself on the iMovie app.

Here is a link for my game of #steemskate week 4:!/v/mark0318/QmVHUURcPyRLbGKv1UuLbxGC1vDckwFyrmTFnuCkuFgfZ2