Skateboarding Recollection #3: TWS Skateboarding Part 2!!

Author: mark0318

Description: Good day Everybody!!

Another skateboarding recollection episode for you this week! this upload features the part 2 of me and the gang (TWS) skating our DIY obstacles in the Philippines. This video was shot on the santana spot and brittany spot. I remember we planned the day to skate form 2pm up to 6pm. This was also the last few days of my vacation so I wanted to at least film one more time with the guys before I go back skating alone again in the UAE. haha Although I am not a pro when it comes to filming and editing, I just really want to shoot videos and keep it and then after a few years look back at the good times we had. it has been like this since me and @toffer were able to have a camera in our hands.

Thank you very much for your time watching my video, I really appreciate it!

**The background music is not mine. it is a song by the English band Friendly Fires titled “Skeleton Boy” from their self-titled album Friendly Fires.

Filmed on a GoProHero4 and I edited this myself on the iMovie app.

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*P.S. Good days, good vibes, good company, and great weather, how I miss the Philippines!!. PEACE!!*


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