Flatground Session and Skating a 7$ Flatbar at the tunnel spot. / Skatevlog #9

Author: mark0318

Description: Good Day Everybody!!

Welcome to another #skatevlog! I did not get the chance to skate the park yesterday. I tried to make it up by skating the nearby spot which is the tunnel spot.

I remembered that I bought a 7$ flatbar in the mall three weeks ago. I just saw the box and I thought what does a skateboarding flatbar doing here? So out of curiosity and its cheapness, I bought it right away. So here it is, after weeks of not using it I brought it with me and I skated it. It was a fun flatbar!

I did some flatground today also. I’m a little sloppy and I think I need some practice to be smooth, but skating once a week can’t help with that. For me I just need to catch tricks and feel good. The good thing is that the tunnel spot is has a smooth surface and perfect for flatground skating and skateboarding overall. Not a lot of people passing by so I really had a good session.

Thank you for watching my #vlog and have a great day!!


**Filmed on a GoProHero6 and my iPhone 7plus, and I edited this #vlog myself on the Videoleap app.

P.S. Skateboarding has been my stress reliever since 2005 so there’s no point in trying tricks and being stressed about your stress reliever. Be patient and everything will come together. Haha. PEACE!!

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