Game of Steem Skate: The Pressure Flip!! / SkateVlog Entry #6

Author: mark0318

Description: Good Day Everybody!!

Welcome to another #skatevlog and Game of Steemskate entry for this week. This week selected trick is the pressure flip. A classic and difficult one for me.

The *Pressure flip* is a trick that relies heavily on the back foot scoop. The board flips like a inward heelflip but the back foot does all the work and the front foot just moves out of the way. That is what I understand from skate tutorials when I tried to learn it. Unfortunately, I failed to land one and this is a letter for me this week.

The trick was really hard and I could not do it. I almost consumed all my time trying to learn and then I remembered the backside bigspin trick where I burned out all my 3 hours of skating trying to land one trick. So instead of burning my hours in one trick, I just tried to do it for one hour and then used the next two on my flat bar session. That way I was able to enjoy this once a week skate session.

Thank you for watching my #vlog and have a great day!!


**The background music is put together by myself on the apple garage band app. I have been experimenting on some loops and drum beats on that app and it is quite enjoyable. Filmed on a GoProHero6 and GoProHero4 and I edited this #vlog myself on the iMovie app.

*P.S. The outro for this vlog looks shaky because of my GoPro4 not having that stabilizing tech that the GoPro6 had. I just forgot to charge the GoPro6 last night and settled for a 50% charge. Luckily I had my GoPro4 for back up. PEACE!!*


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