Pretty Basic Session, Getting Back to Flatbar Skating. / SkateVlog #5.1

Author: mark0318

Description: **Good Day Everybody!!**

As the title suggest, here I am again with another *Pretty basic session* on the flatbar. As I have said in my previous #vlog about getting back to flatbar skating (link below), I tried to do some basic tricks today at the flatbar. For today’s tricks, I did the Frontside and backside boardslide, and then the 5050. I was hyped to get the 5050 back last week and then there was the game of steemskate frontside shove-it. I did the 5050 grind as a bonus challenge trick and I added it in this video because it feels like the clip also belongs to my flatbar re-learning progress.

This session was a great one, I have managed to execute the tricks I planned. I plan to do get back on flatbar skating on my own pace because flatbars are *really dangerous especially at my age*. It looks simple but one wrong move and ankles will be rolling, and I cannot afford for that to happen especially now!! I also wanted to try some *frontside lipslide* because I cleared the basic boardslides but something in my pop tells me that I am not ready. Some of the pop in this video is just really *flat, dry, and lacks commitment*, I mean it is not explosive and it is still lacking energy, but we’ll get there eventually, no need to rush things. Haha.

Maybe by next week I will try to do and complete the frontlip and some other tricks like five-0, but right now here is a few tricks.Here is my video and thank you for your time and thanks for watching!

**The background music is put together by myself on the apple garage band app. I have been experimenting on some loops and drum beats on that app and it is quite enjoyable. Filmed on a GoProHero6 and I edited this #vlog myself on the iMovie app.

Here is a link for my “Re- Learning the 50-50 grind! / Skatevlog Entry #4.1”:!/v/mark0318/QmRjBGMQrZ2Di3UwFAidBJqk9KZyZdSCzKnTpGLejcYaD8

Here is a link for my "Game of Steem Skate: Frontside Pop Shove-it!! / SkateVlog Entry #5":!/v/mark0318/QmYzvDMTup3TRc9Qk83TCgXakAgFyETNnBTruZtLXmLDtg



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