Game of Steem Skate: The Varial Flip!! / SkateVlog Entry #8

Author: mark0318

Description: Good Day Everybody!!

Welcome to another #skatevlog and Game of Steemskate entry for this week! The trick selected this week is the Varial flip. Luckily, I have been doing this trick for a long time.

Varial flips is a kickflip and a shove it combined together. I learned varial flips way back in 2005 when I was attempting to learn 360 flips. This trick came naturally for me, such an easy trick and me and my friends all have it. Back then, After perfecting varial flips, I observed that the flip of the board was the same as Backside Flip, for this reason, I added a 180 and from there I quickly learned how to Backside flip. So everytime I do a Backside flip, i just think of doing a Varial flip and a 180. Haha, that’s my way of making it easy.

Thank you for watching my #vlog and have a great day!!


**The background music is put together by myself on the apple garage band app. I have been experimenting on some loops and drum beats on that app and it is quite enjoyable. Filmed on a GoProHero6 and I edited this #vlog myself on the iMovie app.

P.S. In my mind, Backside flip and Varial flip are basically brothers because of the flip of the board, and yes, I also apply the same principle to my Hardflip and frontside flip. Haha. PEACE!!

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